Monday, April 17, 2017

Blog 13 Abdullah Alramadhan

1. Provide the updated computer drawing for your individual RG setup.
fig. 1&2: RG circuit setup
2. Explain your setup.
In my Rube Goldberg set up I have an Op Amp connected to the force sensing resistor, The Op Amp gives power to the FSR force which connects power to start a motor. The motor will pull dominos to pull a bottle that connected to a wire in the second circuit after the relay - this wire shorted the second the second circuit when the wire removed be the thread the powered Relay. then from the relay to 555 timers to counter which connected to 7447 to display. The display will count from 0 to 9 then the motor will start and pull Corkboard
3. Provide photos of the circuit and setup.
fig. 3,4,5 and 6: parts of the GR circuits
4. Provide at least 2 new videos of your setup in action, one being a failed attempt.
fig. 7&8: videos for GR circuits
5. What failures did you have? How did you overcome them?
1. how to connect relay, 555timer, counter and 7447. it took a long time and too many wires to connect them all together. I tried to get help from our old blogs and finally they worked.
2. how to connect the motor after display. I think I have to use "OR or XOR gate". I don't solve this problem until now.


  1. Better circuit drawing is needed. Did you slow down the system with a timer?

  2. I like the idea of having one circuit trigger your first mechanical part that will trigger your other circuit. I also thinks its creative to pull the wire out to start your relay. I'm interested in seeing how yours and your partner's circuit connect.

  3. i think your circuit is very good and the mechanical part is complicated for me i like your idea of pulling up the wire that short the second motor to make it work

  4. Is it hard to pull the wire out of the breadboard everytime have you had errors where it dosn't come out? Would you consider that the weakest point of your circuit?

  5. Abdullah, your circuit looks good, and I experienced some similar problems. The timer is difficult to connect, and most logic gates should function to run the motor in some capacity, but I have not quite worked this out for my circuit either.

  6. It seems that you changed your circuit but I like how you made your circuit to be more complex. Also, the idea of using the wire to short the circuit is brilliant and I am excited to see how it would work. For the Logic gates, I am using XOR gate and it will start the motor after 4 seconds which I think is enough time but I also used a transistor with the XOR gate to give more current to the motor.

  7. I like the idea of a shorting a circuit and having it un-shorted to start it. Nice use of both mechanical and electrical parts to make a Rube Goldberg which is aesthetically pleasing to watch.